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Chinese commercial banks personal financial services began in the 20th century, the mid-90s, more mature businesses from overseas development, our country is only just beginning, and there are many inevitable problems. Only by confronting these issues and resolve them in order to strengthen the competitiveness of China’s banking, and promote the continuous development of China’s financial industry. There are four parts of commercial banks personal financial services which are about Personal finance service, Chinese Commercial Bank Personal Financial Services Development, Chinese Commercial Bank Personal Financial Services Problems, and the future of Chinese Commercial Bank Personal Financial Services.
about Personal finance service
Personal Financial Services is a bank to meet the diverse needs of customers and the natural introduction of a range of financial services, such as: financial advisory, financial analysis, deposit pledge, trust deposits and certificates of deposit issued rollover transfer from the consumer perspective, is to determine phases and their investment objectives, examine their asset allocation status and affordability, the experts recommend to adjust the asset allocation and investment, and to keep abreast of their asset accounts and related information, in order to achieve personal assets revenue maximization; standing financial enterprises perspective, it is necessary to research and development of personal wealth management products, and second, to provide professional financial services. According to western banking concept, “Personal Finance” means the customer service is an asset to the bank, the bank took entirely by the RBI, in accordance with an agreement between the customer and the bank the amount of realized capital gains. And China’s banking industry is currently called “personal finance” service, customers are not able assets to banking centers,…

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