2.Is Bollywood killing regional cinema
In the last five years the Indian production houses have been pumping truckloads of money in the Bollywood movies. The production quality has improved; the wardrobe is more international; the movies are being shot at exotic locations from start to end, but sadly we have more flops.
Wanted, Ghajini, Bhool Bhulaiya apart from being blockbuster hits, they were remakes of regional movies, not just them but also many Tamil – Telugu movies in the period of 1992-1996 were either dubbed or remade in Hindi.
Bollywood has become synonymous with the Indian Film Industry. But people forget a tiny fact that Bollywood is not the only movie churning machine in India. We produce more than 1000 non-Hindi movies every year. Chennai has the second largest film city in India. Tamil industry (Kollywood) which released a record 108 movies in the year 2007. The Telugu industry (Tollywood) produces the largest number of movies in a year! The Punjwood is also not far behind; they produced 900 movies since 2000
Bollywood has always given a cold shoulder to actors from regional film industry. In recent years, we had stellar performances by Siddharth (Rang De Basanti & Striker) and Vikram (Raavan) but interestingly they have no more Hindi projects.
I fail to understand how Kamal Hassan, a tremendous actor having the “hero-appropriate” looks, failed to make a mark. Even after giving hits like Saagar and Chachi 420, he was unable to sustain in Bollywood.
The actresses on the other hand have been extremely lucky. Waheeda Rahman, Sridevi, Aishwarya Rai, Genelia D’Souza and Asin, all have enjoyed great success in Bollywood. Actors and actresses who have not been able to make mark in Bollywood, often migrate south to bag plum projects or some fancy item song and create a new audience for themselves. South is not the only life saver, actors have tried their hands on Bengali, Marathi and even Bhojpuri movies. Aishwarya, who is often criticized by the…

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