Albert Bandura’s Bobo doll Experiment in a nutshell

Albert Bandura
What does he believe inAlbert Believes in Social Learning theory, Behaviour is learned from environment and others. E.g. they learn from their parents or role models
The Bobo doll experiment
Bandura took 36 boys and 36 girls from ages 3-6 to perform an experiment. Twenty four of the children were shown videos of a male and female showing aggressive behaviour to the Bobo doll, Another twenty four were shown a non-aggressive model and the final twenty four weren’t shown a video. This was used to find out if the children would be influenced by the videos that were shown. How were they tested• Children entered the experimental room individually and the model was invited in.
• The room contained materials to make pictures.
• The model went to a corner containing a tinker toy set, a mallet and 5ft inflatable Bobo doll.
• In the non-aggressive condition the model ignored the Bobo doll.
• In the aggressive condition the model was aggressive towards the Bobo doll using distinctive, easy to imitate (and identify) actions.
• The model put the doll on its side, struck it with the mallet, tossed it in the air, kicked round the room. This sequence was repeated three times.
• The model was also verbally aggressive and used some non-aggressive phrases. An example of verbal aggression was, “Pow!” and “Sock him in the nose”.
• After ten minutes the experimenter entered and took the child to a new room which the child was told was another games room.Results
Children in the aggressive group made far more aggressive decisions. Slightly more children were non-aggressive than aggressive in the aggression group. The girls had more aggressive response if the male was model and more vocal if the modal was female and reversed for males. Boys acted more like the men while girls didn’t copy the women often and boys generally had more aggressive behaviour

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