Airline Safety and Federal

Chapter 1
A Continental Connection Air line Bombardier dash 8 Q400 twin-engine turboprop was involved in an accident on February 12, 2009 while flying between Newark International airport and Buffalo Niagara International Airport. The tragedy claimed the lives of the four crew members, all forty-five passengers, and one individual on the ground. The flight operated by Colgan Air Inc. took on a lot of pressure from the public which helped in the development of The Airline Safety and Pilot Training Improvement Act of 2009.On August 1, 2010 President Barack Obama signed the Airline Safety and FAA Extension Act of 2010.
The significance of the proposed requirement was that the ATP required 1,500 hours of total flight time and that the holder of an ATP be at least 23 years of age. Within three years of the passage of the bill The Air Transport pilot certificate (ATP) required for both the captain and the first pilot officer positions be within the three years required by federal Aviation Regulation part 121.The significance of this proposed requirement will play have an important impact on airline hiring practices and all flight training including collegiate training. Many rules and regulations were included in the Extension Act of 2010, such as a Pilots Records Database to provide airlines with fast, electronic access to a pilot’s comprehensive record. Information in the database will include: pilot licenses, aircraft ratings, check rides, notices of disapproval, other flight proficiency tests, and State motor vehicle driving records. A Truth in Advertising was also included Mandating Internet websites that sell airline tickets disclose to the purchaser on the first page of the website the air carrier that operates each segment of the flight.
Chapter 2
LITERATURE REVIEWFlight 3407, operated by Colgan Air, Inc. became the deadliest major
Aviation accident since American Airlines’ Airbus A300 claimed 265 lives on
November 12, 2001 in Bell…

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