Airbus A380

Brunel University London
Why Projects Fail in Airbus A380
To understand the problems facing Airbus A380, an analysis was carried out on Airbus SAS. Geert Hofstedeā€™s cultural dimensions reveal many shortcomings in the company. Involving four different countries in the production caused the company a number of cultural setbacks. This also increased the cost of production. Airbus is one of the largest commercial flights in the universe. Airbus SAS was founded in 1970 and has been in high competition with its major rival Boeing. Airbus has established a number of its plants all over Europe, and a number of airline companies have invested in their planes. 2000 saw the launch of Airbus A380, a unique plane it terms of size and comfort. The superjumbo jet has a capacity of 853 passengers. Airbus A380 witnessed a failure in its computer programs during its assembly. This led to postponement of the launch to 2007. The first Airbus A380 was bought by Singapore Airlines. Since its launch, a number of Airlines have raised complains about Airbus A380. Engine failure has been reported by Singapore Airlines and Qantas Airline in Australia. This paper shall review the problems faced by Airbus A380 project before and after the launch. A review of Airbus A380 will help to establish the cause of the problem. An analysis of the project problems can help the managers to take measures towards mitigating them (Griffin, 2012)
One of the major problems has been integrating the wiring system that is complex to the metal frame of the plane. There are over 100,000 narrowed down to 40,300 connections. The wires perform 1,150 different functions. The electrical system of Airbus A380 very complex thus diagnosing a hiccup in the system proves cumbersome. During the manufacturing of the prototype in Toulouse France, a number of difficulties were experienced by the engineers. The construction wires turned out to be short. It is against standard measures…

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