a life

Michael was born into a split family with his mother being very poor and his father being wealthier with many accomplishments. Sadly though Michael and his mother Katy were not one of them. So Katy left with her son, which made Katy a single mother and she did perfectly fine with him on her own. Up until she got caught with drugs, which at this point his uncle Ted had taken him. He did perfectly fine there and was a very happy child at this time unfortunately he didn’t get to stay forever.
One day after he had just turned 5 his dad just came up an told his uncle since he didn’t have custody of mike he was going to take him and so he did. For Michael he felt like this was unfair for one he never had meet his father since, for two he really liked living with his uncle. Unfortunately for him though he had no other choice and because of this he already didn’t like his father. Being with his father did not cause anything good, not but by the age of 7 he started getting in trouble and stayed in trouble. His father punished him by making him do physical exercise like push-ups, sit-ups, and such along with being locked in his room. But when this stopped working he went to physical abuse by hitting him, pushing him around and such. Sadly many years went by with this up until he was around 10 an this was when he fought back. On this day when he fought back it scared his father because Michael had fought back with a frying pan an knocked his dad out. As the result his father sent him to a behavioral center in Kentucky which he spent a good year of his life there.
But when it was time for him to come home instead of his father coming to get him his dad decided to let his mom have him for a while so his mom picked him up from the behavioral center. Once he got with her they moved from place to place for the next 2 years living in a 2 different states before settling in Oregon for a good year an staying for good. But sadly in this time she was still in her old ways an…

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