9/11 songs

Where were you (when the world stopped turning) by Alan JacksonThis song is about looking back to 9/11 and going through different point
of views of everyone how some people were there looking at the towers in
shock or running to get away from the falling towers or falling people
trying to not burn to death in the towers, some people saw it live on the
news, some people cried for the hero’s, some people asked god why. He is
basically saying everyone (in America at least) were sad for the lost loved
ones of others or there own loved ones lost. He explains how 9/11
brought America closer together we held hands with strangers and held
our families closer, we called our families to make sure everyone was safe
and we cried for the people that dead.Have you forgotten? Darryl Worley
The song talks about after 9/11 how people want peace and we shouldn’t
go to war in Afghanistan and he asks have you forgotten when our country
was attacked on 9/11 and how many people died are they not worth fighting for? He asks do we not remember the living hell our countries people went threw in those burning towers that day caused by bin laden so unless he want that to happen again we need to show bin laden that we are worth fighting for and we will fight for those incident people who died because of him. He talks about the soldiers going to war and the reason they are fighting is the day the towers burned down taking innocent people with them because of bin laden. Phone call by Derik nelson The song represents the feeling of the people on the plane that crashed into the world trade center in new york on 9/11. The song is told in 3rd person about a man on the plane who realizes what is happening and calls home to say goodbye to his wife. His son answers the phone and tells him he ate all his vegetables to be strong just like him. He keeps asking for his wife but his son tells him she is already asleep. He tells his son to tell his mom that he will…

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