Ad Analyisis

Society sexualizes many things that one can’t seem to get away from the idea of sex. From half naked Victoria’s Secret models in ads everywhere, to sexual references in television shows, it’s becoming less sacred. Society is using the human body as a sex symbol to sell products that are completely unrelated. Instead of selling perfume, this Victoria’s Secret ad is selling the idea of sex through the model’s body through the background, the brand name itself.
According to the way one’s eyes move around a photo (the Z: right to left, down, and then across), the brand name “Angel” is the first thing that the company wants the viewer to see. The arm of the model is in line with the downward movement of the viewer’s eyes and points to the model’s body. Behind the model are what appear to be illuminated white lights with a bright blue background. The lights are placed like lines, coming out from the center, like there is something important in the middle of these lights. The model’s body takes up most of the image and she is wearing a form fitting, sparkling dress.
The way the model, Eva Mendes is posed is suggesting a sexual message. The way her arm is placed shows which way the ad wants your eyes to go, toward her body and cleavage. The expression on Eva Mendes’ face also shows that this ad is selling sex. The way her face is turned to the side, her mouth is open, and her eyes are deep set and partially open creates a sensual look. Her hair is swept to one side and is slightly covering her face to also create that sensual look. The dress that she is wearing also makes her sexualized because of how tight and revealing it is. The deep low cut dress shows a lot of cleavage that might be unnecessary. The skin tight bodice shows off her skinny waist and hour glass figure, which society has determined as sexy and appealing.
The lines in the background are pointed toward her body, instead of the perfume. The focal point is not the perfume. The colors used are bright…

Performance Framework

A strong performance management framework is essential to the success of Landslide Limousine. In order to have a successful performance management plan you must align the framework with your business strategy, consider your organizational philosophy, perform a job analysis to determine skills needed by employees, decide on methods you will use to measure employee’s skills, determine a process for addressing skill gaps, and an approach for delivering effective feedback. In this memorandum Atwood & Allen will provide suggestions on how to create a performance management framework that sets Landslide Limousine on the path to success.
Organizational Business Strategy
In previous communications you informed Atwood & Allen that you want to start a Limousine business in Austin, Texas and that your business strategy is to provide first-class personal transportation to your customers. Additionally, you stated your anticipated first year net revenue will be approximately -$50,000, you expect a 5% net revenue increase over the next several years, and you estimate a 10% turnover rate. Based on your short-term and long-term goals Atwood & Allen believes Landslide Limousine has realistic goals for the first few years of business. A well thought out performance management framework will align these goals, encourage employee loyalty, and set the foundation for future financial growth.
Organizational Performance Philosophy
As part of Landslide Limousine’s performance management framework it is imperative to identify your organizational performance philosophy. In order to establish your limousine business in Austin, Texas, amongst an existing competitive market, your philosophy must be built on top-notch customer service. To build a positive reputation in the market your employees must understand what is expected of them. Atwood & Allen recommends using Behavior-oriented rating methods in order to evaluate your employees. Capturing customer satisfaction is key to performing…

NBA Basketball

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — Wichita State will carry its pursuit of perfection into the Missouri Valley tournament.Cleanthony Early scored 19 points, Ron Baker added 13 and the second-ranked Shockers rolled to a 68-45 victory over Missouri State on Saturday, easily putting away a team that had given them fits this season.Relying on the same stubborn defense that carried it on last year’s improbable March run, Wichita State (31-0, 18-0) became the first team since Saint Joseph’s in 2004 to enter its league tournament unbeaten. The Shockers will have a first-round bye in St. Louis next week.Missouri State (19-11, 9-9) had them in trouble when they met Jan. 11 in Springfield, Mo., but the Bears blew a 19-point second-half lead and ultimately lost 72-69 in overtime.They never came close to making it a game Saturday, trailing by double-digits in the opening minutes.The Shockers are off to the best start since UNLV began 34-0 and lost in the 1991 national title game. They’re also off to the best start by a Missouri Valley team since Indiana State, led by Larry Bird, won its first 33 games and fell to Michigan State in the 1979 title game.The Shockers’ last loss came in the Final Four, too — to eventual champ Louisville last year.Putting this one away early gave a sellout crowd that had braved the threat of freezing rain ample opportunity to celebrate. Waving signs that applauded their unblemished record, fans packed inside Koch Arena serenaded a senior class led by Early that managed to elevate the program from a solid mid-major into a national power in the midst of a memorable season.Along with fellow seniors Chadrack Lufile, Kadeem Coleby and Nick Wiggins, Early gave coach Gregg Marshall a bear hug when he checked out for the final time in the closing minutes.Jarmar Gulley scored 15 points to lead Missouri State, which was dominated on the boards, in transition and just about everywhere else in losing its 10th straight against ranked…

Ideal Ambitions Talk (Becoming a Drummer)

English Ambitions Talk -Becoming A DrummerHaving an ambition means to have a strongly motivated desire to achieve something in life, weather it’s an ideal ambition or a realistically achievable ambition. Of corse in order to reach your goal or who you would like to become in the future you need to work really hard. Nothing you really want ever comes easy if you’d like to enjoy it and cherish it. (Example: if you’ve got parents that provide you with everything you ask for, you’re not going to care as much about the item than if you had saved up and worked hard to be able to afford it)Throughout your journey that you will be taking to get to where you want to be in life you will face many obstacles that will stand in your way. For some people who might be forced to do a certain practice they will give up a lot easier than someone who loves what they do and genuinely enjoys what they’re doing and going for. I personally would love to be a drummer for a band and have the chance to perform live and tour all around the world as an ideal ambition, because I’ve always enjoyed playing music, making beats to songs and letting out my anger and frustration in a creative way.
There are many reasons that influenced me to purse drumming. The first was because it seemed like a very interesting instrument, and I was amazed at how many different sounds and beats you can make just using a simple 5 headed kit!The second was when I started thinking about seriously getting involved and learning how to play, I did some research on the instrument and I found out that drumming has so many health benefits that people sometimes don’t realise exist.
Drumming actually reduces anxiety, boosts your immune system, and releases negative feelings, and emotional trauma.
Drumming also lowers blood pressure and stress.
Also according to many recent medical research, stress contributes to nearly all life threatening illnesses like strokes, immune system breakdowns and…


Bite after delightful bite. An echo can utter from its remains, like a shuttering breath, as the white insides are crushed to mush, mashed to a delectable paste of half juice that will satisfy a stomach and yet leave it wanting moreSNC 2D0 Lab #1: Testing Properties of Substances Name:How can you investigate a chemical substance in the laboratory? You can use chemical tests to determine the properties of a substance. Physical properties that can be tested for in the lab include solubility in water and the ability to conduct an electrical current. An electrolyte is a substance whose water solution can conduct electricity. A nonelectrolyte is a substance whose water solution does not conduct electricity.
Chemical properties can also be investigated; for example, the characteristic chemical reaction of a substance with an acid is a chemical property because it results in the production of a new substance, usually a gas. In this lab you will have the opportunity to review some basic lab skills as you investigate the properties of substances.Question: How can the physical and chemical properties of substances be determined
– safety goggles – conductivity apparatus – sodium chloride
– scoopula – 3 test tubes – sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)
– microtray – limewater solution – calcium carbonate powder
– test tube holder – glucose – potassium bromide
– wooden splints – copper (II) sulfate – calcium chloride
– rubber stopper – hydrochloric acid – sucrose
Part I: Solubility in water
1. Put on your safety goggles!
2. Obtain SMALL samples of: sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate, potassium bromide, calcium chloride, copper (II) sulfate, glucose, and sucrose.
3. Number your microtray from 1-11, & half fill each of 8 microtray wells with distilled water.
4. Add a SMALL amount of sodium chloride to well #1 & stir to see if it will dissolve. Save your…

Roles of life

Accepting roles in life
I believe people become easily accept the roles and labels that are given to them in life. An example of this would be this would be the Standford Prison Experiment. This was lead by Psychology professor Phillip Zimbardo where students had to adapt to their roles as prison guards and prisoners. Zimbardo lead this experiment to further the research of Milgrim which was why the Nazis accepted their roles throughout the Holocaust. This experiment was supposed to last for two weeks but ended earlier than expected due to emotional hardships that the prisoners faced. The guards quickly adapted to their roles and did not even know a side of them existed. They became in control and took on prison-like behavior. This shows that an ordinary person can easily accept the role that is given to them no matter the situation.
During the Holocaust, many people had to accept their roles because they were forced to be a victim or forced to be a Nazi. Society had many expectations during that time, pressuring Germans to join the Nazi party. Although becoming a Nazi at that time was easier many people questioned the Jews for accepting their role as victims. Some asked why didn’t they rebel or fight back? Sam Halpern, a Jew at that time, answers the question that many could not have answered. He says, “if they could not resist imprisonment, how were we Jews – a civilian population, with little or no firearm experience and no weapons, a tribe of merchants, artisans, scholars, women and children, all weak from starvation and exhaustion – able to rebel against a well-equipped army? If you are under the gun, there is little you can do”(Halpern). This is saying that they had to leave they had no choice but to listen to the Nazis because they were put in that position by force. Halpern explains that sometimes you have just accept your role because when it comes to life and death we always choose life.
Going back to the Stanford Prison study people will most…

Understanding how to safeguard the welbeing of children and young people.

CYP 3.3
Understand how to safeguard the well being of children and young people.
1.1 Out Line the Current Legislation, Guidelines, Policies and Procedures Within Own UK Home Nation Affecting the Safeguarding of Children and Young People.In modern times you would think that children would not be subject to being harmed, hurt or in risk of being abused. Unfortunately this is sadly not the case and regardless to age, race, gender, religion or ethnicity children from all round the UK are very much being hurt upon a daily basis.Everyone, not only people to whom work within the children’s sector’s, share a responsibility for the safeguarding and well being of all children within our society. Whether the child is a child to whom we work with or the child next door, we all must ensure that these children are kept safe and free from harm.The safeguarding legislation to which we work with in the UK today comes from the original 1989 Children Act. And the revised 2004 Act. Also included is the United Nations Convention on the rights of the child which states that children have the right to be free from harm and abuse. Guidance for the safeguarding legislation also comes from the more recent document Working Together to Safeguard Children 2013. Government guidelines states that safeguarding means:Children shall be protected from maltreatment.
Preventive impairment of children’s health care or development.
To ensure that children grow up in circumstances to which are consistent with the provision of safe and effective care.
To take action that enables all children and young people to have the best outcomes.It also points out the action that we all need to take that promotes the well fare of children and protect them from harm including the help and support individual children who need additional help, in which case every day matters….. and the actions taken by professionals to meet these needs as early as possible which is…

leaders and organizational culture

In this paper I will use my life experiences to discuss Kohl’s Department Store and examine the roles and responsibilities of the leaders in the company. I will also differentiate between leaders and managers. I will describe the roles that the organizational managers and leaders play in creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture. I will also explain how the four functions of management support the creation and maintenance of a healthy organizational culture and recommend at least two strategies that organizational managers and leaders can use to create and maintain a healthy organizational culture.What is a Leader
The organization that I choose to discuss in this paper is Kohl’s Department Store. I will start by explaining what it means to me to be a leader. A leader is someone who shows other people the right way to do things. Leaders are in the workplace, in the home, they can be in schools, and leaders are also even in churches. I believe that a good leader is someone who is honest and hardworking.
It is my beliefs that when a person does not like their job tasks then the outcome of his or her work will show that. I think that someone who likes what he or she is doing and are happy about being at work will be a good leader toward the new employees. To some, the employee who shows good work ethic would most often be considered a model employee. I think that some managers believe that deep down the model employees make the best leaders. I also believe that to some employees that the model employees are not always the best people for the job.
The Roles and Responsibilities of Leaders
For leaders to maintain a healthy organizational culture in a business they must be fair to all employees. Leaders can do this by not showing favoritism and by showing respect to all employees (Bateman & Snell, 2009). I think that a good leader will support his or her subordinates in any endeavor…


The Welcome Table StoryInstructor: Cathy CousarTameshia Norris02/17/2014
The Welcome Table StoryThere are many different genres of literature to choose from when deciding on certain literary work to evaluate. However, The Welcome Table is a short story that deals with racism, hypocrisy, gossip, violence, and compassion. This short story is based on an old woman who is seeking solace by going to worship services at church which are not welcome of her persistence to be there. “The idea that change and personal triumph are possible due to the odds of Walker’s central writing” (Adams, Blackmon, Norton, 2010)
In studying the various works in this week’s text. I will use a reader-response approach to evaluate and analyze The Welcome Table Story by Alice Walker. The reader-response approach allows me to connect with this story and reflect my own feelings of the old woman and the other characters in this story. In order to connect I had to imagine myself in the story.
This story captured my attention immediately while Walker described the old woman. Theses Details made it easy forming a clearer picture of what the woman looked like and how others perceived her. Walker describes her as a very old black woman with ashy gray skin “like the bark of old pines.” She wore musty, decayed, and stained clothes. Even though several people spoke with her about leaving the church, she was bound and determined to stay. When visiting the church members were clearly racist and looked down upon this woman. They mumbled things that were not Christian like. The Reverend and Usher boy asked her to leave at this point though she became very annoyed about it.
Finally, the ladies of the church convinced their husbands to throw her out the church. It’s interesting that she sang happy songs along her journey but after her bewilderment of being threw out her happy songs became sad songs. When Jesus…

Is there a mind sperate from the body

Do you believe you have a mind separate from the body
Ultimately because this question provokes responses through theories and logic, there is no way to empirically conclude a certain answer, concepts have been categorized into Dualistic or Materialistic perspectives, which can be sub divided into various forms. Regarding the question, I hold a materialistic point of view in the belief that the mind is a network of filters in the brain, which develops through experience, culture and moral guidance and, consequently the mind cannot exist without the brain. Dualism is the title given to the ideology that the mind and body are radically different things that exist independently from each other. Acknowledging the mind being an immaterial substance, containing mental properties, will interact separately with the physical surface of the body due to their fundamentally divisional conditions. It is a more natural, religious and anti-scientific approach. This table illustrates the principles in which dualists believe are the essence of the mind and body. Material Substance Mental Substance
Physical objects extended in space
Forms (locations, weight, textures)
Sensory organs
Attribute of thought
Forms of thought (images, emotions, beliefs, desires)
Equated with the soulMental Property Non-mental PropertyRene Descartes (1569-1650) proposed the first significant description of the nature of the mind and developed the early forms of Dualism. He is regarded as one of the most prolific philosophers regarding this question. He claimed that some mental events are caused ultimately through physical happenings and accordingly some physical events are caused wholly through mental phenomena. Descartes was a religious man with a sincere faith, making his mind over matter definition fulfil a religious agenda in which the soul/mind is immortal and therefore independent of its inhabited body. His…